What we do

HEROES are educational consultants who work with families, colleges and universities, non-profits, and any stakeholder in education.  HEROES can consult on topics such as:

College Readiness

Academic Success

Applying to College

Writing the personal statement

Graduate Studies


From High School and Beyond

What sets HEROES apart from others is that we are committed to student success from high school and beyond college!  We offer an extension of services beyond high school, further ensuring their success. 

We provide the Transition to College Curriculum for rising college freshman.  Scholars will gain insight into the inner working of higher education.  They will master the following concepts:  

Time Management

Effective Study Skills



Scholarship Searches

Choosing a Major

We work with other professionals already engaged with your scholar and communicate with academic programs and schools to evaluate whether and what changes must be made to help your scholar progress.

We are here to help.  Send us an e-mail at info@heroesed.com


We provide expert advice every step of the way. With firsthand knowledge of the admissions process we will keep you informed instead of overwhelmed. With an extensive academic admission background, we provide caring advice on an individual basis to ensure that you get the personalized attention you deserve

At HEROES we partner with you to make the experience manageable and ensure that it is the exciting exploration that it should be. Experience the benefit of working with an expert in college knowledge, essays, interviews, testing, financial aid and more to help you be the best candidate!  

Different and Better

Our approach is vastly different. HEROES focus their research, college reading, professional development, interactions with admissions officers, and college visits on obtaining insightful, detailed and current information about college admissions and academic success. To help you make informed choices, we learn about the academic choices, campus culture, and extracurricular opportunities available at these universities in order to help you garner your best-fit options.

Be smart. Work with our leadership team to get the insights, experience and guidance that a specialist can offer.

Whether we are laying the groundwork in the academic and extracurricular contexts for a 9th grader, or we are helping to ramp up the profile of a junior, we are excellent at creating a plan that will help you stand out. For those students who are not certain of their direction, HEROES will assist you in finding your passions.

Contact us for your students’ and workshop needs!